The 300-in-1 Project

This is the home of the 300 in 1 Project, a personal commitment to produce a minimum of 300 drawings over the course of one year, beginning on May 23, 2017 and concluding on May 23, 2018. I hope that by undertaking this project, I’ll be able to help raise awareness of the fact that people with chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, and disabilities are still capable of working, but often at a different pace and “schedule” than healthy, able-bodied people.

I’m also hoping to highlight the work of other artists with disabilities as the project goes on, and to feature their artwork more prominently than their bodies (as many media features tend to focus on the artist’s limitations and treat their actual artwork almost as an afterthought).

This project will be done on top of other works I have planned, and each of these drawings will be executed fairly quickly. This means that this project will be something of a stream-of-consciousness record for an entire year; this in turns means that some of the artwork I produce for 300-in-1 will probably feature gore, violence, and disturbing imagery. I do have chronic depression, necrotizing autoimmune myopathy, and diabetes after all.

Viewer discretion is advised.