Zombie Variant (creature sketch)

Take a zombie, and pare it down to only the structures it actually uses to hunt down and devour its prey, and you’d get something similar to this. I chose to explore what such a creature could end up looking like if it were to somehow evolve; everything not directly related to finding and eating live prey, or supporting the organs it needs to do that, has decayed. Everything left over has changed to make hunting easier for the zombie

Morgana in the cargo hold

This began as a concept sketch for my own purposes, but I chose to develop it into a full illustration/poster to share with the general public. I wanted to create a visual reference more for the general look and feel of the cargo hold of the ship, rather than a concrete map. The place is constantly changing, anyway, as new artifacts and trinkets are bought and sold, shelves and crates are moved around, and the space is overall changed to suit whatever is needed from it at any given moment.